Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrierul provine din regiunea engleză Cumberland, un ducat din nord-westul Angliei situat la o altitudine ridicată și bogat în lacuri. Numele rasei provine tocmai de la acest peisaj întețit cu lacuri.


As a small, square-shaped dog, the Lakeland Terrier is of a well-proportioned build with a rectangular head, V-shaped ears and a strong mussle. The oval, dark hazel, brown or black eyes are small and sit deeply in the skull. The Lakeland Terrier reaches a shoulder height of up to 37 centimetres and can weigh up to about 7,5 kilos, the males being slightly bigger and heavier than the females. The double coat consits of an outer layer, which is wire-haired and hard, and a softer layer underneath. The fur ist normally cut by leaving it longer on the mussle and on the legs. It can appear in different colours varying from wheaten, liver, black or blue with markings along the back, on the neck and the tail. Often the puppies are born with a black fur that changes colour in the first year of their life.


As a typical Terrier the Lakeland is fearless, confident, very alert and lively. It is very suitable as a family dog as it loves children and shows a playful and energetic character. It can be quite stubborn due to its independent nature which means it needs to be trained by a consistent and firm hand. Training prevents it from developing aggressive tendencies and should be easy as this very intelligent dog is a fast learner. If kept with other pets it needs to be socialized from an early age, so it doesn’t chase them around the house constantly. As a talented guard dog, the Lakeland Terrier is suspicious of strangers and tends to protect its territory and family passionately.

Care and grooming

The Lakeland Terrier can be kept in a house or city apartment. It needs regular longs walks in the open countryside, but is otherwise happy to be active and entertained inside. It does however enjoy various activities like agility or catching games. It tends to be a loud barker, which can be an annoyance to next door neighbours. Its strong urge for digging, which comes from its long history as a fox and badger hunter, needs to be considered when being kept in a house with a garden. A secure fence is needed to prevent it from escaping. The fur needs special attention as old hair should be plucked by hand three or four times a year.

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